Sunday, December 9, 2012

Grammar Test

Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best word to complete the paragraph below.

          Last week, Puan Siti took her pupils to the ___(1)___. They were 

going to clean up the place. Rose and her friends 

picked up rubbish on the ___(2)___

Jay and his friends painted the
Mutu and his friends cleaned the 

there. The place looked clean and beautiful now.

1) A  garden
    B  playground
    C  orchard
    D  field

2) A  ground
    B  playground
    C  orchard
    D  field

3) A  see-saws
    B  swings
    C  slides
    D  rocks

4) A  sofa
    B  tables
    C  beds
    D  chairs

Questions 5 - 14

Choose the best answers.

5) The big branch fell ____ the car.

    A  on             B  in             C  to               D  under

6) ____ are naughty so go to ____ room now.

    A  She, her    B  He, his     C  You, your    D  I, my

7) I could not see him ____ it was dark.

    A  and          B  as             C  but              D  so

8) Sue Mei is the ____ student in the school.
    A  good         B  better       C  best             D  more good

9) Don't stand ____ the bus. The driver cannot see you.

     A  against            B  between             
     C  over                 D  behind

10) Last night, she ____ about a dragon chasing 
       after her.

      A  dream             B  dreams          
      C  will dream       D  dreamt

11) Don't forget to ____ the door when you leave.

      A  lock        B  locks         C  locked       D  locking

12) Each of the boys ____ the new album.

      A  has         B  have         C  had            D  having

13) She may ____ to the concert tonight.

      A  went         B  going             C  goes             D  go

14) That is ____ puppy. ____ puppy belongs to him.

       A  the, The       B  a, The     
       C  an, A            D  the, An

Questions 15 - 16

Choose the word that have the same meaning as the words 


15) Look at that small ant.

      A  big          B  huge        C  tiny         D  large

16) That villain is very bad.

      A  good       B  cruel        C  kind         D  soft

Questions 17 - 18

Choose the word that have the opposite meaning as the 

words underlined.

17) The entrance to the hall was well lit.

      A  exit          B  lobby        C  opening         D  doorway

18) The butcher uses a sharp knife.

      A  strong       B  huge       C  long       D  blunt

Questions 19 - 21

Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.

19) A  we like to eat apples, grapes and watermelon.
      B  We like to eat Apples, Grapes dan Watermelon.
      C  We like to eat apples, grapes and watermelon.

20) A  Look out, that car is coming fast.
       B  Look out! That car is coming fast.
       C  look out, that car is coming fast.

21)  A  Do you know the way to Kampung Gajah?
       A  Do you know the way to kampung gajah?
       A  do you know the way to kampung gajah?

Questions 22 - 25

Look at the picture and then read the passage 
carefully. Based on the picture and the passage, 
choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

       My family and I went to a restaurant last night. There __(22)__ many customers. Mother was looking __(23)__ the menu. A __(24)__ was taking orders from my mother. Another family was walking the restaurant.

22)  A  was           B  were         C  are             D is 

23)  A  on             B  in              C  under        D  at

24)  A  waitress   B  waiter      C  guest          D  host

25)  A  into           B  under       C  between    D  against


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