Sunday, October 21, 2012



We use a and an to talk about a singular countable noun.
我们用 a 和 an 来指单数可数名词。

a flowerpot, a train, a parrot, a plate
an umbrella, an earthquake, an old lady, an igloo

***   We use "an" for words that begin with 
         vowels ('a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u')

The is used:
** when we speak of the same thing again:

     He gave her a bouquet of roses. The roses were red.

** when we are clear about the person or thing that we are  
      talking about:

      My mother bought some fruits from the market.

** when there is only one such thing:

     e.g.      The sun rises in the east.

** in front of the superlative form of adjectives:

     e.g.      It's the happiest day in my life!

Articles are not used:

** before an uncountable noun when we are talking about  
     something in general.

     e.g.     I like (-) pizza.

** before the name of a game.

     e.g.     The boys play (-) football in the evening.

** before the name of a meal.

     e.g.     I had porridge for (-) breakfast.

** before proper nouns.

     e.g.     (-) Singapore is to the north of (-) Malaysia.


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