Sunday, October 28, 2012

'Wh-‘ Question Words

“Wh-” 疑问句用词

'Wh-' question words are used to ask questions.
“Wh-” 疑问句用词用于发问。

What is used for things, animals and people.
What 用于东西动物和人。
e.g.    What animal do you like most?

Who is used for people.
Who 用于人。
e.g.    Who is that tall man?

Where is used for places.
Where 用于地方。
e.g.    Where did you go this morning?

When is used for time, day, month or year.
When 用于时间哪一天、月份或年份。
e.g.    When are you going to pass up your project?

Why is used to ask for a reason.
Why 用于询问原因。
e.g.    Why did't you call me yesterday?

How is used to ask for the way something is done or the condition of someone.
How 用于询问做一件事的方式或某个人的状况。
e.g.    How did you make this photo frame?
           How are you today?

Which is used to imply selection.
Which 用于显示选择。
e.g.    Which cake do you prefer, the strawberry cake
           or the cheese cake?

Whose is used to ask about the possession of something.
Whose 用于询问某个物件的拥有权。
e.g.     Whose car is this?

Exercise 13
Fill in the blanks with the correct 'Wh-' quetion words.

1.  _____ will giving the speech?

2. _____ bicycle is next to mine? Is it yours?

3. I heard your brother fell and hurt himself in school 
    yesterday. _____ did he fall?

4. _____ is the trip to the beach? Is it on Saturday or 

5. _____ did you find inside the chest?

6. _____ lent you this book?

7. _____ club are you joining, the Art Club or 
    the Music Club?

8. _____ didn't you go to school yesterday?